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Do you or someone you love suffer from depression?

Is your child (or you) on Ritalin, Adderall, or similar drugs?

Is your child inattentive or unable to concentrate in school
even though he/she is above average in intelligence?

Is your child impulsive in speech and disruptive in school?

Have you or your child ever been diagnosed with any of the following:

B If the answer is "yes" to any of the above questions, there's a relatively new system of brain training that you should know about.

Even more importantly, it's can be much less expensive than most other "treatments". AND it's even more effective in most cases, AND it can be done at home.

Biofeedback Home Training is presently in the process of testing a new EEG biofeedback unit that will cost about $500. this unit is called the "Easy Brain Trainer". From preliminary reports, this unit "lifts" depression with a few minutes of use. Sure beats drugs, and has no bad side effects. To keep up to date on testing and availability of this unit. Dr Adil Baguirov (Orthomolecular@yahoogroups.com, or ADD_ADHD@yahoogroups.com.)

Not many people (including clinicians near Parker Aircraft Sales office) know what researchers in the field of biofeedback have known for over 30 years. Except for severely brain damaged persons, almost everybody can learn by themselves how to normalize a particular brain wave centered around 13 Hz called the SMR.

It's done by using simple EEG biofeedback. This is a proven method, completely safe, with no side effects, that your child (or you) can practice at home. So what does this mean for you and your child? Can you panic while simultaneously relaxing completely? Of course not. And your children cannot display behaviours collectively "labeled" ADD/ADHD once they teach themselves to produce that SMR brain wave pattern. In other words, your children can teach themselves how to get better!

There are three types of recognized professional treatment for ADD/ADHD used today by different clinicians:

  1. Drug treatments. These drugs are called "speed" on the street and are highly illegal. They do help education authorities to "control" your child while at school. Some schools even get a subsidy for every Ritalin user. Perhaps a conflict of interest? This type of "medication" does NOT "cure" anything. Suppressing symptoms can also suppress potential. In addition, there are many drawbacks to using Ritalin and similar drugs. You can click on "Dangers of Ritalin" on the menu above if you aren't convinced about its dangers. Is that what you want for your child?

  2. Allergy treatments. For several years, I worked with another researcher developing End-Point-Titration in a Florida allergy clinic. During that time, I used this technique along with others to successfully treat ADD/ADHD in several children. However, this EPT therapy is very expensive, ranging up to $10,000 in expensive "doctor" time to diagnose and treat. There are also some alternate treatments which also treat allergy, such as NAET and others, which have shown some mixed success.

  3. EEG Biofeedback training. Starting in the 70's, more and more clinicians have found that training to raise the SMR works to alleviate or remove those symptoms of attention and concentration deficit, impulsive and hyperactive behavior, autism, epilepsy, and even depression and schizophrenia symptoms. The same drawback of very high cost is here as well, as it also requires hours and hours of expensive professonal time. Typical costs for 60 half hour training sessions for ADD/ADHD/autism runs from $3-10,000. Another drawback is that all too often, there is no discernible difference in behavior for many sessions, even as many as 40 or so. This serves to discourage many income limited persons.

There are over 250 "talk" type therapies used by psychologists with depression patients, and none are proven to help more than does a sympathetic friend. Psychiatrists depend on drugs such as Prozac, valium, and such - all with dangerous side effects. For more details on depression of all types, go to Depression .

What the doctors and other clinicians aren't telling is that it's a very simple form of EEG biofeedback that's works so well. It's not brain surgery, but is actually so simple that any reasonably intelligent adult can do it. (Why should clinicians cut their income by telling their secrets?)

EEG Biofeedback Training you do at home!

We have created the ADD Biofeedback Home Training System. Using this method you can support your child in re-educating their own brain wave patterns in your own home. The cost is about 10% of that of a clinic. Your child doesn't have to be stigmatized. You can reliably, quickly, and inexpensively, empower your child to become attentive, happy, productive, and, best of all, get off the dangerous drugs such as Ritalin. (If you haven't been convinced (or don't know) that Ritalin is dangerous, see Dangers of Ritalin reprints of many scientific papers and articles).

EEG Biofeedback has been in use since the 1960s. It is completely safe (so safe that no state in the US even requires a license). Many research and personal reports show that well over 250,000 diagnosed ADD/ADHD persons have been "trained" out of these brain disorders with it.

The clinical statistics for ADD/ADHD are simple - with 40 1/2 hour sessions, about 50% lose their symptoms, sit quietly in class and learn. At 60 sessions, 85% lose their ADD/ADHD symptoms.

What about the "other" 15%? Well, remember that ADD/ADHD is NOT a disease. It's more like a "continuum" ranging from the boy who eats candy at lunch, and is hyper for the afternoon all the way up to non-communicating autism. Also remember that diagnosis of ADD/ADHD is more art than science, and is done more for insurance than for therapy. Diagnosis and separation of ADD-Autism symptoms is a "guess" at best, and many children are misdiagnosed by different doctors.

Each child is an individual, and different in some or many ways. Those children that are closer on the continuum to autism are the ones that mostly compose this 15%. These children take more sessions (up to 200 in one case reported by Dr Von HJilsheimer get more info about Cara Goldenberg), but even these more serious cases are trainable with EEG biofeedback. The newer use of HEG biofeedback may cut this number of sessions in half according to some experts. In addition, there are many nutritional therapies that can help dramatically. See Alternate Therapies.

Depression can also be trained out. BHT is presently testing a new (Easy Brain Trainer) EEG biofeedback unit that has shown great promise in alleviating the symptoms of both depression and schizophrenic in anecdotal reports. Volunteers are presently testing this unit on these and other serious mental problems, and we expect to be in full production of these units by the end of 2002.

The ADD Biofeedback Home Training System is organized such that it is fail-safe, relatively simple to use in the home environment, and effective. We have designed a complete and simple set of Instructions that makes it easier than setting up most VCR's.

What's the bottom line? We lease (or sell) the system to you, so your child can train themselves at home with your support and guidance. We recommend three sessions per day of 25-30 minutes each, morning, afternoon, and evening. This results in 60 sessions in 20 days. This is not a requirement, and you can train once a day, or even once a week, but since it's a lease and time dependent, it becomes less expensive when used for less time get water heater installation services in Long Island New York.

At present, about 75% of our clients are keeping their units. Some have reported that they are now making money training other kids in their schools and neighborhoods.

There are many other uses for this same type of EEG biofeedback in addition to attention disorders. These include stress reduction, depression, autism, brain damage, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. The ADD Biofeedback Home Training System can be useful in these and other problems as well. For a list of "problems" that have responded to EEG Biofeedback, see Proof It Works. For more details, see Terms and Conditions. If you decide to purchase the equipment, you simply keep it, and we keep the deposit.

Got questions? Click on "Frequently Asked Questions" on the bottom menu, and most answers are there. If you have a further question, please click on "Contact Us", and then click on "Send EMAIL". On the "Myths" page, several common myths about EEG Biofeedback and get more information on dental implants are exploded. This website is not full of fancy bells and whistles, but is devoted to fast loading easy reading pages of information.

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