HEG biofeedback (Neurofeedback)

HEG biofeedback (HEG neurofeedback) is a new "brain training" modality that is showing even greater promise for solving the various problems of the ADD to Autism continuum. Particularly, the end closer to Autism. (Including the 15% that doesn't repond entirely with 60 sessions of the Sterman EEG biofeedback training.)

The full name is HEMOENCEPHALOGRAPHY. As the first part indicates, it has to do with blood - in this case blood flow in the brain. It seems that blood flow is poor in certain brain areas of persons suffering from several types of "brain problems". These include ADD/ADHD, autism, brain injury, stroke, depression, and schizophrenia.

Researchers have found that this poor blood flow in a section of the brain can be increased with biofeedback training In much the same way as EEG biofeedback. Results on ADD/ADHD and Autism to date have been remarkable. Using HEG biofeedback initially, and finishing up with EEG biofeedback, shortens the number of sessions dramatically, and also improves the success rate considerably.

Dr Hershel Toomim of BioComp has developed a machine that will work in conjunction with the BrainMaster. (The interface software is being developed by Brainmaster, and is expected to be available soon.)

The operation is relative easy to understand. The unit is set over the area of poor blood flow, and two different frequency lights are flashed down into the brain. The bone and tissue is translucent, and light receivers (same frequencies) can measure the amount of "redness" in the area, showing the amount of blood flowing. This signal is fed back to a computer screen, and the trainee just concentrates on increasing it, much like EEG biofeedback. The research indicates that this training is much faster than EEG biofeedback using the Sterman method. In particular, it is very useful for autistic and actual brain damaged persons. Dr Toomim has done most of his work on actual cases of autism with excellent results..

Doctor Toomim's paper gives much more information on this new and exciting advance

Case study shows dramatic improvement in a girl who is not only dyslexic, but is on the ADD-Autism continuum as well. We expect to have this exciting new biofeedback training available in the near future. Testing with the BrainMaster is scheduled for the middle of June 2002.

6. Ritalin substitutes for cocaine and amphetamines in scientific studies.

Tomm Friend has worked with both HEG and EEG biofeedback, and has researched the possibility of insurance payments for HEG at least. It seems that there is a standard medical procedure, "Near Infrared Spectroscopy", which has its own code number and insurance will pay. Check out "NIR Spectroscopy" on the web to read about it. Since Medicine uses NIRSpec for diagnosis, you can talk about how clever Hershel has been to apply it interactively and dynamically (viz. as biofeedback).

Biofeedback Home Training is working with both Brainmaster and Dr Toomim and we hope to be able to lease this new equipment in a very short time. If you wish to be kept abreast of developments, join Dr Bate's new ADD_ADHD group below. We expect to be testing software and hardware in early June.

LATEST NEWS 10/15/02 -Currently, the beta version of the BrainMaster software is now out, and BHT is leasing the combination of Modified BrainMaster unit and Heg unit at $2500 deposit, and $350 per month.

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