Treatment of Depression Without Drugs

There's a couple of new kids on the block of depression. EEG biofeedback (neurofeedback) training of raising SMR and lowering Theta has long been proven to be very effective in removing all symptoms of all types of depression. Now there's another type of biofeedback - HemoEncephaloGraph (HEG) that works with EEG to make this training even more effective and faster.

In addition, BHT along with the inventor, David Terek, is testing volunteers on a "new" and somewhat different biofeedback unit that has shown great promise for depression and even for schizophrenia. Anecdotal reports for depressives so far show complete "lifting" of depression after 10-15 minutes of playing the simple games on the EBT unit. We hope to be able to sell these units for around $500 by 2003.

The very effective "standard" EEG biofeedback uses the Sterman protocol, and it's used in the biofeedback units leased by BHT. Dr Von Hilsheimer, one of the pioneers of this brain training, is now using this protocol exclusively in his practice. He has even stated that anyone who doesn't use it is guilty of malpractice. It is the best method found today, and by leasing the biofeedback unit, it can be afforded by mid income families, and done at home.

Despite what some clinicians say about "the dangers of non-trained people doing this", it's actually quite simple to learn and use. There is NO DANGER AT ALL. There are no cases where any real harm has ever been done with biofeedback. The clinicians have a vested interest in believing this nonsense (50-150 a 1/2 hour session). For much more info on all this and HEG biofeedback check Click Here

HEG biofeedback (Neurofeedback) is relatively new, and Dr Hershel Toomim has done extensive research on it's use with epilepsy and ADD/ADHD types. Others have found that using HEG biofeedback first, and then doing the Sterman method can considerably shorten overall brain training for all forms of mental problems. The BrainMaster which can be leased from BHT Inc will shortly be available for this with an HEG unit as an accessory. For more info on this new training check out: HEG Biofeedback.

In the past treatment of depression was done by many different types of talk therapy by psychologists. There are over 250 psychotherapy "techniques", and NONE of them have been proven to work any better than any other. Especially with depression. The APA has neatly classified several different types of depression (mostly for the purposes of legally making them covered by health insurance.) But, the fact remains that very few depressed patients were ever "cured" by talk type psychotherapy.As a matter of fact, it has been shown is several studies that talking to a friend, a bartender, or almost anyone who will listen is as good as talking to a clinician (at 100 up per hour).

Psychiatrists would seem to have somewhat of an advantage here. They have the battery of drugs that "seem" to help depressed persons at least get thru life without too many suicides from depression. These same doctors prescribe Ritalin and similar drugs for hyperactivity in kids. (See Ritalin Dangers). Drug therapy with all the side effects can be more dangerous than the symptoms it suppresses. Like putting a band-aid on a cancer.

Here's a fact. Nobody ever got depressed because of poor toilet training as a child. Freud had a lot of good ideas, but this wasn't one of them. There's been a lot written about stress causing depression, and stress is a component (as poor toilet training may be). But, it doesn't CAUSE depression directly. So, just what does cause depression?

The Orthomolecular theory and my experience in practice (prior to retiring many years ago) taught me that there were three basic causes of depression. Clearing up these "stresses" cleared up the patient's ability to withstand the normal stress of everyday living as well as the heavy stresses put on some at times.

These three basic causes are:

The following is pretty brief, and my book "The Health Revolution" has much more information and actual case studies of many different types of depression and anxiety, etc. It also describes the actual therapy I used in each case, and how it worked.

Mineral Toxicity

There are several minerals that cause depression directly. These include toxic levels of mercury, copper, lead, and others. (In the case of copper, medium toxic levels of copper can cause depression, and higher levels may cause schizophrenia.) Lead is still a problem, but becoming less likely due to removing it from gasoline and paint. I even had one patient with arsenic causing depression. For more info on mineral toxicity see Mineral Hair Analysis. In my practice, I always did a hair analysis on every depressed patient, and in about 20% found some toxicity.

Nutritional Deficiency

As mentioned above, stress of almost every kind causes the body to use up various vitamins and minerals faster. This means that when you are under unusual stress, you should be taking more vitamins. (Some health food stores even sell so-called "stress vitamins"). I've found that the supplements I recommend do very well for most. See Recommended Daily Supplements for more information. In addition to this "base", there are more suggestions at Alternate Tips. In particular look at Dr Von's regimen. It has helped many people.

If you start taking the vitamin/mineral supplement program recommended above, and if you feel less depressed within a few days to a week, at least part of your problem is deficiency. (If you don't feel better - a hair analysis is a good next step for self cure - click above on Mineral Hair Analysis.)

Allergies and Stress

Now we come to the real meat. Allergy! Or, more precisely, both allergies and/or food/chemical sensitivities. To allergists, they are two separate problems, and until recently, few MD allergists even considered food sensitivity at all. Both allergy and sensitivity can cause all the same symptoms/disease as the other. Ranging from schizoprenia and depression to hyperactivity and bedwetting, arthritis and skin itching. The list of potential symptoms of allergy and/or sensitivity is as long as your arm. (For a better list of "symptoms" see Allergy,Sensitivity and Intolerance.)

Talk about stress. Either allergy or sensitivity causes huge stress to the body, and stress is additive. So, if you have an emotional strain in your life at the same time as an allergen is affecting you, the overall stress becomes much more, and your body needs much more in the way of good nutrition to help get thru this stressful period. Post Partum Depression and PMS are examples of additive stress.

In virtually every depressed patient I ever saw in my practice the depression "lifted" when the combination of stress from allergy and/or mineral toxicity was dealt with. (I estimate about 80% allergy/sensitivity and 20% mineral toxicity with a lot of overlap.) By curing the underlying physical problem, the "ordinary" stress of modern life can be easily dealt with.

I should mention at this point that whenever I saw a depression patient for the first time, besides doing a hair analysis, I immediately started them on what I called "Immediate Relief". This was a combination of 500 mg of Tryptophan (now prescription only), and 500 mg of Tyrosine - from 1-3 times per day along with at least 50 mg B complex at the same time. None of these cause any side effects (unless you are allergic to casules or some of the "fillers" used. This lifted their depression during the search for the underlying problem.

That was in my practice back in the 80's. In April 2002, I leased two EEG biofeedback units to two different people that have reported back. One, was a suicidally depressed young man. With 40 1/2 hour sessions, he has completely turned around, and is quite normal (whatever that is). No depression symptoms at all. The other was an older woman, and she reported that after training her son (ADD/ADHD), she felt much better just watching him train, so she did sessions herself. She didn't report how many, but not only was her son free of his ADD/ADHD symptoms, but her depression was gone as well. (Since that was written, many more cases have been successful.)

Dr Von Hilsheimer reports 100% success with all types of depression in his biofeedback practice in Orlando Florida. His website is at How does it work? Nobody really knows at this point, but my theory is that this training somehow trains the brain to re-examine allergens and their effect on the brain. (I don't know how hypnosis works either, but I've used it with many successes for over 50 years - and for that matter, we still don't know how electrons travel over a wire to light a bulb. But, we know to use all these.

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Dr Mercola's List of Depression Symptoms

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